Car Detailing Secrets

Professional Secrets To Car Detailing

With a lot of information on the internet about tricks and techniques to detail your car, you may discount the services of a pro car detailer. But what the do-it-yourselfers aren’t telling you is the secrets to car detailing. Here’s how to detail your car professionally.

1. Use a plastic bag to check the surface

After cleaning your paint surface the next step is to seal the paintwork with wax. But for a smoother finish, you need to run a plastic bag over the surface of the car to identify areas that were not properly cleaned. You can repeat the car detailing process if the plastic bag amplifies any area of dirt and abrasion.

2. Static electricity works magic on carpets

Looking for an answer for stubborn carpet dirt? Probably you have been using a vacuum cleaner to no effect. To save you all the heartache of vacuuming, it is better to use static electricity to remove stubborn bits. Just put on a pair of latex gloves and gently rub your hands over the carpet surface. This will generate enough friction to raise dirt and pet hair to the surface for easier removal.

3. Use the right type of cloth

It is time to ditch sponges and enter the microfiber era. Professional car detailers use microfiber cloths or towels for easier washing and greater efficiency. This type of cloth offers lower friction to avoid scratching your car paint. Be careful not to inhibit the microfiber’s qualities – simply wash and dry the microfiber cloths separately, and remove any tags or labels on them.

4. Get a dual-action polisher

Polishing is an integral job when it comes to expert car detailing. To get the best possible results you need to invest in the right equipment – that’s why you need to purchase a dual action polisher for all your polishing jobs. These motorised polishers not only remove layers of old wax; they also perfectly iron out areas of abrasion, leaving your car with a smooth, even polish.

5. Detail your trim

To keep your trim looking its best, treat it using a trim restorer/protectant before you proceed to wax or polish your bodywork. The trim restorer will remove wax and polish that can actually stain your trim. This product also protects your trim from chemicals, abrasion, and grime. Car detailers will also advise you to protect the trim using masking tape during waxing – for a faster cleanup.

6. Use the two-bucket method

This is the best way to clean your exterior for a long-lasting shine. Put clean water in one bucket and clean suds in the other bucket for effective car washing. Using one bucket to wash only means you will be just moving dirt back and forth –from the car, into the suds, then back onto the car.

7. Invest in a clay bar kit

The clay bar kit consists of the following components: towel, detailing spray, and a clay bar. These tools combined offer the best way to remove paint surface contaminants. Wash and dry your car first, then run the clay bar on the car’s paintwork to remove any dirt without scratching the paint.

With the car detailing secrets already out of the bag, you can now bond with your car more, and improve your automotive investment.